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Jul 6, 2014
Hi, Im Rich from Pittsburgh Pa. I'm 52 a former Marine and retired airline. I'm in the process of "unloading" all of my worldly burdens, you know; house, mortgage, small boats, lawn tractor, ladders, property tax, the stuff I can't stand anymore.
I'm settled on buying a Trawler in $50K range and eventually sailing the Great Loop.
I look forward to gleaning as much information as possible about Trawler living.
Thanks in advance.
Welcome IKIC!
Nice to have you among us and Thank you for your service!
If you know you are crazy for selling the dirt stuff and buying a boat, then you are now among a crazy crowd here! Welcome!
Welcome, just came in from cutting the grass... why are you crazy?
Welcome and happy boat hunting!
Research is the fun part. Enjoy learning all about this lifestyle, and visit plenty of boats- you'll soon find out what you like (and don't like) and will learn what is right for you.

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