Ahoy! from Little Creek Va.

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Dec 22, 2020
Vessel Name
Irish Wake
Vessel Make
2001 Camano 31, Troll
New owner 31' Camano (2001), Troll; have belonged to small boat clubs. This boat originally called "Flip Flop" in Myrtle Beach SC. I cruised up to Norfolk, third week in Aug., great 5 day shakedown cruise. Now called "Irish Wake" out of Little Creek Marina, Norfolk Va. Looking to explore Chesapeake bay. Still working full time for at least 2 yrs. looking to make new friends. I'm single and looking to make new friends for the New Year...Call me Sully or JohnO
Welcome to the forum!

There's a lifetime of cruising on the Chesapeake and its tributaries.

Welcome from a former Camano owner. Great boats.
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