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May 15, 2024
United States
We have been cruising full-time on our sailboat since 2018, and we’re starting to think about switching to a trawler. Just like sailboats, there are a ton of different trawlers out there, so I thought I’d ask this group for some suggestions.

Our cruising grounds are up and down the ICW and over to the Bahamas, so it doesn’t need to cross oceans. Mr. Cthoops is 6’4” so we must have standing headroom at least in the main salon and the head. We’d prefer not to crawl into a v-berth so we’d like a standard queen that has room on at least one side for getting in and out. Under $200,000, and somewhere between 35-42 feet. If you could list some models that meet this criteria, we’d be able to really focus our research.

Thanks so much!
That will be tough with that size and price. Bayliner's with diesels might be worth looking at. They have good layouts along with headroom, but I'm thinking you might have to up the size to around 45 feet to get the headroom. The Bayliner 4588 has 6'6" headroom
I agree that headroom might be the biggest challenge. My own boat ticks many of the boxes except for gas engines and headroom (6'3" on the centerline, just over 6' at the edges, 6' through doorways). The aft cabin has a king and a good example is under $75k though.
I think your best bet is going to be looking at what's available rather than trying to find a specific model that you'd want. In that price range (as with sailboats) you'd rather have an impeccably maintained boat than a poorly maintained boat with a good brand name. And as a 6'2" former sailor I have found that it's really hard to get reliable headroom measurements that correlate to the feel & comfort of the vessel. This is particularly true with sailboats but also with trawlers (sailboats are curvier, so midship headroom can be great while headroom standing in front of the galley stove, for example, could be unacceptable).

I'd suggest posting som results from a YachtWorld search in your area, budget & size range - it'll be easier for folks here to say "yeah cross that one off your list - headroom in the salon is poor", saving you a trip.

One other thought: I suspect you'll probably *not* want an aft cabin boat - likelihood is salon headroom will likely be better without an aft cabin, and sounds like you only need 1-2 cabins anyway. Water access is much better without the aft cabin.

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