A Better Biocide?

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Dec 16, 2007
I took on some diesel the other day and when I went to add the biocide I noticed it was full of ugly things in the bottle. I use ValvTect biocide and now am wondering how this stuff can protect my fuel while it cannot even protect itself. Even though the stuff is two years old, it should have stayed clean. Anything better that has a longer life in the bottle?
Starbrite's diesel treatment. I have some of the original Startron (before starbrite started marketing it for the rec. set) that's 7 years old and still fine and works great. PRI-D is highly recommended, but I don't have any experience with it.
The biocide recommended by the diesel shop in our marina is Biobor by Hammonds. Everyone I know uses it.

Hammonds also makes an excellent diesel additive called Select-3. It contains a mil-spec lubricity additive called Lubribor. We've been using both of these products for the ten years we've owned the boat and so far so good.
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