1999 GB 42' Motor Yacht

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Aug 25, 2021
Hi all,
We have a 1999 42' GB Motor Yacht under contract and are going through survey and sea trial later this week. Boat has the 210HP Cummins with 3,100 hours and has been very well maintained with records. (2 cabin model)

As this is our first GB, I thought I would ask if there are any areas that should be looked at specifically in the survey process.

We obviously have a well respected surveyor but just thought I would ask the wealth of knowledge that is this forum in case there are any "little things" that one should be aware of or dug into further prior to purchase.

Thank you.
Water will be your biggest enemy. Be sure to get a Surveyer that at least claims to be proficient with a moisture meter. Water under the teak in the cored fiberglass is a priority if the teak is screwed down. If it’s got antennas on the sides of the flybridge that is another source for water to find it’s way into the sides of the flybridge. In the long run they are rock solid boats and you will love it. Congratulations and good luck with your new boat.
I don’t regret 1 minute of owning our 37 year old GB.
Welcome aboard. Agree with the above response. I don’t know when GB went to glued down teak decks but if they are screwed down then the potential for leaks into the core are very high. Good luck and hope it works out well.
You might try joining the Grand Banks Facebook group. There are many knowledgeable GB owners that may provide some insight to your questions now and later on if the deal goes through.
Congrat's. We purchased a 1999 42 Grand Banks with Caterpillar 3208 375 Hp. Spent the winter refurbishing the engine. Best decision I could make. It is a 1999 so it will need a little extra care Find a mechanic familiar with Cummin's. After that enjoy every moment.
Congrats on your purchase.
In my opinion, you, like myself, are blessed having the best engine ever made.
The 6 BT5.9 is by far the most reliable engine I know. You really will have to go out of your way to kill this engine. Change the oil every 100 hours, keep the water flow going by changing the impeller, check or replace your heat exchanger and you’re good to go.
The mechanical fuel injector is the lifeline of this engine. Sometime in the next 300-500 hours, ( if not done previously within the past five years or 400 engine hours), I recommend pulling and brining it and your injectors to a fuel pump rebuilder. They will check, calibrate all components. Aside from that you are good to go.

This engine will outlive you and your children.
As others have said, leaks from the screws fastening the teak decks down. Also the cabin windows for leaks and even more important, the tops of the steel fuel tanks for rust. It's a common GB problem and expensive to fix if the tanks haven't been replaced (most commonly w/ aluminum).
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