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Welcome mvermeer,
So glad you’re a member now. I think you’re the only one from QCI.
I was there for 7 months or so teaching shop at Masset in about 72. On a trip to Alaska we stopped at Rupert and took the ferry across to QCC. Rented a car for several days and spent some time between Tlell and Tow Hill including the trail from Tow Hill to Hecate Strait.

You’re in good hands here regarding WOT. I prefer to do WOT at 50 to 100rpm over rated rpm. Still using about 18hp to cruise the Willard at a tad over 6 knots.
If you’re so inclined we’d all love to see pics of your boat. Five years or so there were more Monk boats active on the forum.

North Western Washington State USA
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