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Originally Posted by JD Ray View Post
Thanks, I'll definitely check out those resources. [*]I'm of the opinion that short coastal cruises will be all we ever do. My wife wants to be able to get as far as Hawaii. It's a reasonable ask. We love Hawaii, and airfare for two plus a couple weeks' worth of hotel can pay for a lot of fuel.
I had a friend who wanted to buy a 40' sailboat and sail to Hawaii...he'd never owned a boat or sailed before. I'll give you the same advice that I gave him re. taking your own boat to Hawaii. Go to the windward side of one of the islands, look at the waves rolling in, multiply by 2500 miles, then decide if you really want to do it. My friend decided against it. The few hundred dollars in airfare, and 5 hour transit time start to look like a great deal.

So be realistic about how you'd use the boat and buy something that fits that requirement. I've known people who bought ocean capable sailboats dreaming of crossing the ocean and never left San Francisco Bay (well, not by much).
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