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Originally Posted by fractalphreak View Post
I used MDR Amazon Cleaner.....I chose that because I was dead set on needing to coat it and was going to use their inflatable paint. In retrospect I should have been looking for the good cleaner before making the coating decision.

Here's an older Practical Sailor test of some cleaners, there may be other choices out there...
Waay back, I wanted to glue Weaver davits to a hypalon inflatable. I bought the Weavers at a dinghy store, so naturally went with their process for installation. That process began with cleaning. They recommended Toluene. They also recommended unopened and recently purchased glue.
Over the years I have had various events that have validated both of those recommendations.
For cleaning, toluene is too strong for the fabric used on the seats. If only the seats were also made of hypalon!
On the tubes it takes most everything off but does not damage the hypalon.
303 protectant after cleaning helps, but needs to be renewed frequently, perhaps even monthly in the season.

A friend tried out the repainting with hypalon paint. 5 or so yrs in, his blue dinghy still looked new, when he sold it. His was notable as getting the roughest use of any that I know of, much harder use than my own gets.
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