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Originally Posted by Greg Lemons View Post
High Doug
My name is Greg Lemons, my boat's name is Malindy and she lives in Madisonville, LA. She is a 1973 Grand Banks 42'. I have been restoring her back to as close to original as possible? I have information that she is the oldest Grand Banks still floating? I have just retired for the 3rd time and my plans are to do the Great Loop singlehanded!
At a vintage 1973 it is truely a classic . It was around those years where fibreglass was just starting to be the norm so is your a woody or glass? Taking on restoring a vintage vessel would be a big challenge as well as rewarding when all done . I’ll likely be asking myself and shacking my head at times why we are doing our project in the end I like the older designs and character they bring with them so I’m good .
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