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Quick warning about budget. If you have $90k, do not buy a $90k boat. I do not believe there is a boat out there less than $150k that is in good shape. We bought towards the top of our budget at $80k, and put $45k into it this year doing all the labor ourselves. I think you'll be much happier if you spend $60k and reserve $30k to fix and improve it.

We bought a 42' grand banks, it has loads of room. I think we could have gone with a 36' and made it work, though it would have been tight. Grand Banks, Defever, Monk are all very good boats. For your budget I would probably look for an Albin - we considered the Albin 40 pretty seriously.

There's a 1987 Albin 40 on yachtworld in florida for $74k - know that brokers will expect you to put in a fairly low offer and then work up from there. The reason this Albin won't sell is because the teak decks need repair - fixing them yourself will require a ton of time, but not much money - so it is possible to get a deal on a boat like that.

The most difficult problems to fix on these boats are teak decks, fuel tanks, engines, and leaking windows (if they've already begun to damage the interior wood).

When we bought, we had no idea what we were looking for, so we contacted a bunch of brokers and went on a weekend road trip and looked at 8 different boats all up the east coast - I would highly recommend it. Every project you have to undertake will cost 3 times what you expected and take 4 times as long you want.
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