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Originally Posted by Bigsfish View Post
Not sure if I follow the logic here. Everyone agrees that constant torque hose clamps are best. So my question is how much more money will it cost for the average boater to replace his existing clamps with the improved once? Are we talking thousands of dollars? Hundreds of dollars? Maybe less? A few beers? So now we are putting a value of your life and those with you. Do you buy health insurance?

I purchased 36 Breeze CT 200, 250 and 300 (2", 2.5" and 3" nominal) 5/8" band and paid average $6.10 each. This was from Hose Clamp Kings Industrial Hose Fitting | Large Hose Clamp | Pipe Fittings | Breeze Clamps | Hose Clamp Kings last September.

For the purposes of this discussion, I replaced all of the CT clamps on my Cummins 6BTA's. These are what the factory used so all I did was replace them . . . . . well, I did upgrade to the HD 5/8" bands after a brief discussion with a Breeze Clamps regional rep. I think the standard 9/16" bands are about a dollar less.

I also used use CT clamps on the hose connections to the raw water pumps because of engine vibration and the thick, stiff hose construction. Interestingly, that is what this thread is all about in the first place.

All of the rest of the raw water supply, strainers, seacocks etc. were double-clamped with ABA (AWAB) 316 SS clamps. IMO, these are the most reliable where contact with salt water is a possibility. They are embossed clamps with rolled edges so are easier on hoses than conventional Ideal-style clamps.

The Breeze CT clamps are are comprised of:
301 SS Belleville springs (five)
304 SS band and housing
410 SS hex cap screw

While they are robust, these alloys are not as resistant to salt water as 316 SS.

That's about all I've got
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