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Originally Posted by firstbase View Post
My apologies for the broad stoke review as you do run very fine businesses and are a credit to all three counties and yes there are many others as well. Most of my heartburn is because many of my clients are the major property management companies and BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Assoc.) types who I putting... and very much a clique. I have found the same with some other types of corporations outside this particular market segment as well. On more than one occasion I have been told very bluntly how I can grow my business footprint with them and as a large global company traded on the stock market we just don't bow to that type of pressure to add business. Insider pricing shenanigans on bids, numerous criminal investigations and arrest due to business practices, etc. Just not a nice MY business. Your mileage may vary as they say!! I will say that some of the marine oriented companies I have dealt with are top notch and of incredible quality.
No apology necessary. It's what you've encountered. We haven't. When I worked in the major corporate world I saw it all taking place. Fortunately, I worked for a company that said no. I once had a huge television show up on a plant manager's porch. He called me and I gave the Japanese firm (wanting to be a supplier) that sent it one hour to pick it up if they ever wanted us to consider them. They asked how did I expect them to do that. I told them they were wasting time, they got it there, take it away. There's a very famous real estate developer and hotel and resort owner we refused to sell too. His people told me that he would be calling my boss. I said he was welcome to but when told who my boss was I didn't think it likely he would. My boss and I did have a good laugh about it. He repeatedly refused to pay vendors bills in full.

I remember a day around 1992 when a friend who worked for an apparel company in NY called me to tell me the FBI was there and they came in with guns drawn and aimed. At one time she had two armed agents walk into her office. They raided at least 7 NY companies that day and many owners were subsequently arrested for customs violations. (Chinese good shipping through another country and being marked as originating in that country which had quota available).

When I was young I was advised that employees could buy the company's stock if we wanted but they didn't advise it as we had it in our retirement plan and if the company made any acquisition or sold any division and we had purchased in the 60 days prior that company policy was we had to rescind the purchase even if we knew nothing.

Not surprised at all what you encountered in the industries you're in.
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