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There should be a vertical menu bar on the far right. That menu allows you to adjust which layers of stuff you want to see: wind, rain, radar, etc.

Play around with that for a while, it is only software and you can't break it!

There two more menu bars on lower right you can play with too.

And there is "tools/menu" under the 3 bars in the top left corner.

Amazing tool, get a beer or a cup of coffee and start pecking at it!

Interpreting the info is another story. I'd say start with what you know of local knowledge in the bay area and see how that compares to what you see on windy, extrapolate from there. You may find it is better at big picture stuff, and has gaps here and there, for example, wave heights/direction around Sausalito/Angel Island. That sort of info needs to go into your head with what you know of local tide effects, which are of course significant in your area.
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