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Originally Posted by windled View Post
I've gone and done it. Another bucket list item.

I've completed the Transport Canada small commercial vessel certification. It's like the US six pack, but with up to 12 passengers, also any form of commercial operation (water taxi, etc.), up to 15 gross tonnes and 25 miles from shore max.

I've been boating and doing yacht deliveries for 40 years and have always wanted to obtain some form of formal certification and have over 10,000 miles offshore and zillions of hours through most of the Caribbean, Central America, Hawaii, Tonga, ICW, etc.. So finally, I'm Captain Dale. So with my ordained minister title and as I own land in Glencoe, Scotland, I can be referred to as: The Reverend, Captain Dale Windle, Laird of Glencoe. (Or so I'm trying to convince my wife... ).
Wifey B: Windled sounds like what happens when you deal with a crook. Oops. I better be freaking careful dealing with a Reverend, as I know you'll find this shocking but I have perhaps on occasion been a bad bad girl. I applaud you though as in YAY YAY YAY! I think it's awesome. I do when someone without professional need but just for themselves seeks a degree or license or anything. Some people are quick to say, "Why? You don't need it." Sometimes you do though, just for you, and sometimes you like to do things you have no need to do.
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