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Originally Posted by aevdg View Post
First of all - I am the wife and never referred to as the Admiral.

Some comments: Explain, explain, and explain some more, What would she like to learn to do on the boat? Pilot it? Dock it? (don't start with that) Handle the lines? She will need practice and repetition and time to get her confidence up. Chartering is a good idea - and try your best to have some calm places to go. Don't take her across the Columbia bar as an example. Are there other couples that you could have on the boat where the female half knows something about boats? And most of all DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE TO HER. EVER.

Have fun and make it fun for her. Don't start out with two weeks of solid cruising - start out with an afternoon - get up to a day - then maybe a couple of days. And don't raise your voice.
Wifey B: Excellent post and I'll reiterate, don't assume, ask her what she'd like to do and what she'd like to learn. Answer can be anything from no interest in boating to licensed captain and you handle the lines for her.
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