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Yep! To many what-ifs. . .lots of engine hours, no maintenance history. Long story short, I felt the boat is getting long in the tooth and close to a full refit. I really don't want anything that resembles a fixer upper. Been there, done that with my current sailboat and am going to lose my ass when I sell, lol.

If I have the time line right. . .all the new parts listed were for the PO's that did the loop. He died. The current owners have had the boat for a year and did nothing.

Everything was winterized so I couldn't run anything. Batteries were dead, and AC wasn't plugged in so I couldn't turn anything on. Here is a good read of my self survey and thoughts. I spent about 4 hours total going over the boat.

I'd be willing to share any pictures I took with you, and the email I sent the broker. I told him I'd be willing to offer in the mid-upper thirties. . .he emailed me back if I was ready to make an official offer so he can start the paper work. That kind of tells me it is as bad as I think. . .

It could be a great boat with many thousands of hours and ignore the deck spots. . .or the 7000+ hr engines could pop on the way home. I just don't know and I'm not a gambler, lol.
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