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We all have to start somewhere. Not sure what you are asking for but you might consider the style of boat you want, number of engines, size length and width, desired draft, age of boat you are willing to accept and how much you are willing to put into it to bring up to your standards. You say your budget is $200K but you normally will need to spend less and then spend another 20-30% on upgrades and outfitting. What you will find is there are certain cults brands of boats that everyone thinks is cool and certain brands that have a lesser reputation whether deserved or not.

Since you were originally interest in a catamaran, you might want to check out powercats or trawlercats as some are called. We saw a king size bed in a 44' Endeavour Powercat but they seem to be in the $250-300K range.

For monohulls, if you want a true queen or larger bed, an aft cabin is the best way to go as vberth queens are somewhat odd shaped in most cases and sometimes not true queens.

Assuming you really want to spend $160K for the boat and then up to $40K on upgrades and outfitting, maybe something like a 38-45 ft Bayliner, Mainship, Hatteras, Californian, Grand Banks or even Marine Trader might fall into that price range. There are also a lot of older Taiwanese boats (lots of brands names). You need to define what you want a little better. Might start by visiting the boat shows like Trawlerfest and just walking the docks.
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