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Originally Posted by Duvie View Post
I recently serviced my manicooler. Drained the coolant at the plug just above the starter as I have seen posted here. Seemed like I got out the 8 gallons the engine is supposed to hold. When I put things back together the engine only took about 5 gallons of coolant. Thought I saw a post some time ago that said you need to burp the system at some location on the engine but I can not find a post here nor on Boatdiesel. Does anyone know the procedure for fully refilling the coolant on this engine. The workshop manual is no help either. Thanks, Leon
That may be something specific to Range 4 engines with Manicoolers.

My 1976, 6-354M's are pretty straight forward. Just fill the cooling system to the level on the expansion tank, with cap on bring up to operating temperature and then check the fill level.
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