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Safety and the MOB

If another person is the MOB, the chances are high that I could get them out.* The first thing would be to throw out the life ring with 100 ft of rope behind the boat and circle the person so the ring is brought to them. *Like we do water skiing/tubing, pull them to the boat and then help them out of the water, either the swim step and/or the mast boom used for the dink.

However, if I was the MOB I would have to rely on mostly on myself.* When we leave the dock I sort of have everything set up/out just in case.* If it was just my wife and I, I doubt she would even notice until the boat ran a ground as she reads/naps most of the time.* *

For a Live Aboard in the PNW we face MOB every day right at the dock. In the warm summer months a person stands a good chance, but in the dead of winter with heavier winter cloths the chances are reduced.* Every year people die next to their boat tied to the dock.* In the 11years my wife fell in twice and I fell in once.* My wife was very luck both times as the first time our neighbor heard her and the second time I went looking for her.* With the adrenaline pumping I pulled her out of the water wet cloths and all.

The one time I fell in I was mentally prepared but still the shock of the cold water took my breath away, the winter cloths made it difficult to swim and the cold sap my energy.* Again if it was not for the adrenaline, I would have never have made it and that was about 8 ft from the dock.* Have you ever tired to get out of the water by your self on a low floating dock?* **

The dock captains had the Everett Marina install emergency ladders and life rings every 100 ft along the docks last winter. I also have a life ring and boat hook hanging on our dock steps.* ***The best is to prevent a MOB and/or to plan/rely on yourself as help may not be around.
So what do/have you done to prevent a MOB?

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