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Trawlers 101 - Part 1

Baker wrote:

Um,nope.* CHB used the term for one, and so have other of the Taiwan manufacturers over the years. Actually, GB didn't originate the term.* According to the then-GB distributor for the northwest back in 1998 a--- surprise, surprise--- European yacht manufacturer did although I have forgotten their name (I seem to recall it was an Italian company).

While the basic interior layouts are the same, it's the exterior configuration that is the difference.* Using your logic, all Boeing single-aisle airplanes are 707s and all Boeing twin aisle airplanes (except the 747) are 767s.* The 737 and 757 are simply types of 707s and the 777 and 787 are simply types of 767s.* After all, all the single aisle airplanes have the same basic interior configuration and all the twin-aisle airplanes have the same basic interior configuration (we will ignore the step-down flight deck of the 757 for the moment).* According to you, exterior configuration makes no difference.

Don't tell me that one is bigger than the other or one has different engines than another because these are the same variables you get in boats.

A Labrador Retriever and a Poodle are both dogs, and they both have the same interior configuration.* But a Labrador is not just a type of Poodle, nor is a Poodle just a type of Labrador.* Exterior configuration counts.

And the definition can be reversed.* One can say a Europa is just a Sedan with boat deck overhangs. One can also say that a Sedan is actually just a Europa without the boat deck overhangs.


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