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Refrigeration compressor

The refrigeration compressor in my 1986 GB recently gave up the ghost. It was a Grunnert unit. Grunnert was of little help. The Tecumseh model number was AJA7465AXA. Also AJ201AT-188-J7. I learned that this compressor is no longer made and that no replacement compressor with the same physical/electrical/Freon characteristics was being produced by Tecumseh. After looking everywhere for a suitable compressor I was resigned to replacing the entire system , then I found that VOOMI Supply in Pennsylvania had 10 of these compressors on the shelf. Perhaps they bought Tecumsehís old stock , but even Tecumseh did not know it. I donít now how many of these compressors were installed originally , but at least some. And VOOMI also gave good service.
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