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Originally Posted by Cold Duck View Post
Kinda lost the essence of the thread. The people on this forum are not a good slice of the general public. Whether you hate or love cruise ships is immaterial. We are more adventurous and tend to live out our dreams. The millions of regular people will never venture out as most of us have or will. These are the ones who will keep the cruise industry alive and well, living out their form of adventure on a big cruise ship with well organized excursions. There are millions more of them than us. As far as the deals, they are always offering deals to those they think they can entice to add to their client list, but the millions of passengers they have hooked with long range plans only think they are getting a deal. I wait until the last minute because I am flexible usually creating a good “deal” environment. If the thread is still going in April, I’ll give you a report on our one way cruise from Hawaii back to the mainland.
Regarding: "If the thread is still going in April"

Even C-19 can't kill off this thread! Looking forward to learn of your Hawaii criuse...
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