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I am curious if the floorboards are different in the 350, vs the 390? I had my mechanic go through mine (2001 / 390 / 4LHA-STE’s) in the first year of ownership, and we definitely did not have to move the motor. Now granted, it is a B!tch doing anything on the outsides of either motor. I’ve rebuilt engines, and am pretty handy with a wrench… but I elected to pay someone to work on those engines because of what a PITA this engine space is with twins. (Actually, the whole boat was designed with zero interest in future maintenance or repairs. My frustration with this and other issues is a primary reason for selling). My mechanic cursed and swore Mainship… but it was doable. I also had freshwater flush connections installed. I don’t have any pictures handy, but I am curious the difference if any in the access. While you’re in there, you’ll definitely want to remote the starboard oil filter and install a dip stick on inboard side as well for access issues. The Portside raw water pump is also a ridiculous b!tch as well. Doable… but make sure there are no innocent children within earshot!

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