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My Northern Lights Genset Overheats.

Before leaving on this trip a trip to the Ontario North Channel, I checked it over and started it and ran it five minutes. The reservoir was topped off with 50-50, it had a newly installed seawater impeller which sprayed water out into the lake like a firehose. Nothing that I could see had changed since the past season. It had been flushed out with two gallons of -60 blue pop for winterization and had a block full of 50-50 Prestone. All was well.

After running the genset to power the AC for about an hour on the only hot day all summer in the North Channel, she shut down. The panel does not have a temp gauge, but the engine obviously does the right thing and shuts down at some point to save its own soul. There was a significant amount of 50-50 in the pan after the episode. I refilled the reservoir and it took about 8 oz to top it off to about half an inch below the cap as recommended by the manufacturer. There is a little bell-shaped thing in the hole under the cap and it is recommended to fill up to the bottom of that little gadget.

Recently, while going through the boat after returning to Detroit area, I checked the genset and it had not lost any coolant since the overheating episode and refilling. In the meantime, I had put on a new coolant cap, 7psi, ordered from the NL dealer just to eliminate that as a problem. I started it and let it run about 10 minutes with the AC on the Heat mode to load the engine and it started well and ran well, but after shutting down, I found a few tablespoons of 50-50 in the pan. I could feel the coolant was down perhaps a half inch in the reservoir.

I carefully looked at the engine and conclude that the coolant is coming from the back side which is very inaccessible. It was leaking out and running forwards under the engine towards the service side. It sits crosswise in the very back end of the engine room of my GB 32 and it is almost impossible to see the back side of the engine. Using my flexible scope, I could see some staining on the back side but was not really able to pin it down to a specific area. Summary: loses 50-50 from engine while running only, as far as I can tell. What's up?
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