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Mr. UM. I've had the same problem although I do have a substantial teak cap rail under the stanchion bases. MY solution was/is to remove the stanchion, drill a larger hole and insert one of these things into the teak:

So far, it seems, to be substantial enough to be able to tighten down the oval head machine screws (internal thread of insert is 5/16-24 ?) enough to squish the butyl tape bedding out. Yes, it does take multiple tightenings to accomplish this.

I re-fastened my bow rail this year and I had to take it completely off to be able to replace all the stripped screws as I couldn't raise individual stanchions enough to do each one individually. Side rails and aft rails I was able to do singly.

Well worth either making or buying an installation tool because if you break off an "ear" or insert the insert crooked, you DO have problems. Alignment IS fairly critical.

I have had occasion to remove a side stanchion again and it seemed to be quite easy. Just pop out the machine screw, re-bed and zip it back in.

Hope this helps...
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