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Originally Posted by Slowmo View Post
Buying a boat is one thing, maintaining it is another. I have a 21' Wellcraft I use on Lake Tahoe and a 40' Tollycraft in the PNW. The maintenance of the Tollycraft isn't twice the Wellcraft, it's 100x.
This I am giving a lot of thought. Right now I am not retired and gladly pay to have things done I could do if I had the time or desire. I recently paid detailer to wash/wax our 21' fiberglass RV. I could have easily done it but honestly, I still work and am really protective of my free time, especially in blocks of 4-5 hours.

I am quite handy and like projects, but big question is once retired do I want to maintain boat myself or just write checks...this answer very well may help determine max length of boat. However, with trawler I am thinking projects while under way may help pass the time.
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