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Originally Posted by DonW28 View Post
I am going to look into the rainman unit. We do use freshwater for flushing so that is a concern as well. I need to get a good marine electrician on the boat with me and explain the battery configuration. Right now to my untrained eye it appears the 8D on the port side is only powering the bow thruster which makes no sense to me. Although I have almost no knowledge of battery bank configurations so maybe I am wrong. I know there is only one set of large gauge cables to that battery plus the charger connections. If I removed one of the cables no bow thruster. I really need a pro to go over this with me and probably get it wired properly.


Good plan. You need to understand the alignment, including the charging amps available for each battery. Think you will want to be able to align both 8Ds to house and be able to monitor voltage of the combined bank. Also think thruster from house bank ok since generally use thruster leaving dock when batteries fully charged from shore power or when docking after some engine run time has charged batteries from alternator.

By the way, for the house bank of two 8Ds, you’ll need about 40 amps charging. Suspect that is what you already have.
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