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You might want to check out Bellingham Washington. Its a nice community, moorage might be more available there, don't really know. And you are again close to everything great.
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That's an awesome 3 season solution. I've seen them at campgrounds.
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Originally Posted by Swfla View Post
Thanks for the first hand knowledge. Every bit of knowledge guides me as I look for the right boat. I'd say most critical is the waste tank size. One can always sponge bathe in a warm cabin to conserve water. I love my mattress heater in the winter. Alternative heat source sounds crucial as well.
If there is some room, replacing the current tank with a larger one is a simple if somewhat nasty job. Ronko makes hundreds of them and they are a very good quality tank.
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Originally Posted by rgano View Post
I was working in San Diego living aboard my 42-foot Grand Banks when I retired, and you are right - boating in San Diego generally sucks. Wanting better boating waters and to be closer to family, I took my boat and me to NW Florida from which the cruising opportunities are ENDLESS.
San Diego really sucks eh? Today’s weather: Air temp today=78, Low humidity, water temp=74F. Agree regarding the destination part. It takes more time to go places but it doesn’t slow us down and we love the Channel Islands for water sports but I know many people don’t get off their boat to enter the water so the islands are not most peoples cup of tea. I also believe folks love to bash SoCal because they can’t afford to live here so they are resentful. Poor form mate. I have spent a decent amount of time in FL. I have some fairly strong opinions about that place, including the weather but I won’t get in the mud with you. Cheers.
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Originally Posted by rsn48 View Post
I have a smaller boat compared to most here on TF. When in refit, I had a shower thingy installed in the cockpit. I have a completely covered cockpit with bimini and soft roll down walls. These walls are kept rolled down during the rainy season. BUT..... below is what I bought to give me some privacy when taking my shower, its a shower tent for camping. The shower head and hose is 6 feet long so I can be in my tent shower, standing and have privacy.

This unit in the cockpit keeps moisture out of the saloon and birth/galley area.
This idea is a good one, I had one in a smaller trailer boat for many years to use either on the boarding platform or in the cockpit under a custom hardtop.
If you are a bigger human, most boat showers are just too small anyway, this option will also fold up into a small carry bag, collapsing with a spring metal frame.
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Originally Posted by Fletcher500 View Post
San Diego really sucks eh?
To be fair he said it sucked for boating (and he did apparently afford to live there). I have only spent about 1.5 years in San Diego (two 8-month stints), and I also felt it was not the greatest for boating. My reasons were that the harbor seemed to have a lot of anchoring rules, there weren't a lot of gunkholing possibilities, and to leave and go somewhere else was a longer trip (Catalina, etc.)

I will say the weather was amazing. I noticed after a while that when I did my usual weather small talk (I'm from snow country), I got a lot of blank looks. Cause obviously it was great

Also: Best pick-n-pulls ever.
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It seems he's taken that comment personally. Glad he's happy with SD boating. The covid situation has us all on edge.
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For a point of reference......

Give a look at North Carolina's Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds and tributaries. More moderate temperatures than FL, far less costly than the PNW or Chesapeake. Wonderful destinations here in NC - Edenton, Bath, Washington, Elizabeth, New Bern, Ocracoke, etc., and adventures traversing the Dismal Swamp Canal or ICW to head north to the Chesapeake and beyond. River system offers plenty of places to go on mostly protected water, many areas have undeveloped shorelines - beautiful! Camano 31', Nordic Tugs of several sizes, and lots of other smaller trawlers are common in the area, but so are larger boats. Fishing here is legendary, too.

For a cost comparison, look at Cypress Landing across the river from Washington, NC ( 38' x 15' slip under $1,000 (that's annually for our CA and NY friends) plus purchase price, and $15,000 is an approximate price. (No liveaboards). Look at the real estate prices, local taxes, etc. Transient slips in NC are far less than on the Chesapeake, too.

30 minutes of on-line checking, and you'll see that North Carolina is small trawler heaven!

Best wishes, wherever you choose!
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Two inches away from our marina in Palm Beach, Florida, condos start at a million plus, plus, plus.

Here, we're right on the ICW and dock rates with electric are under 2K a month.

Even if you never move your vessel and just do enough maintenance to keep it afloat and the A/C a-workin, it's pretty hard to beat.

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Read your intro. We lived aboard in Seattle from 1984 to 1994 when wife's career moved us to Dallas - yuck!!! Had to return the career favor. PNW is fantastic boating some of June through September depending when the PNW High weather pattern sets in. Being on land in winter is very good idea or better going south like Arizona which you indicate you could afford. Seattle is depressing in the winter especially long term. We moored in fresh water and locked out to the Sound for weekends and vacations. Boating and fishing get better the further north you cruise. You will want to explore the Strait of Juan de Fuca, San Juan Islands, Canadian Gulf Islands and the 400 miles of the Inside Passage between Vancouver Is and BC mainland. That is the best cruising area in the world from my experience if you like to gunkholeing and fishing living off the ocean. Salmon, lingcod, rockcod, halibut, Dungarees crab, shrimp, oysters for the taking along 100s of miles of fijords and bays. Whales, Orcas, seals, eagles and osprey to watch all day. And the Canadians are great people to boat around. If you decide to live aboard in PNW, trust you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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It's been two weeks since my intro post. I'm grateful to all who have shared their experiences. Since then, I've been fairly active here, reading and joining in many subjects. Learning so much. What a great community. We all wish COVID would go away. It's so insidious, preventing us from doing and planning so many aspects of life.
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