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Stuck Jabsco Toilet Impeller

This Lite Flush toilet gets used about once a week year-round, but almost exclusively for number 1. A few weeks ago while flushing, it emptied about halfway and then made a snarling noise like it was jammed. The following week I tentatively tried again, same result.

So I took the bowl apart and manually turned the impeller with a long pair of angle pliers. I found I could turn it freely about 3/4 in either direction before it tightened up and ground to a halt. I put some vinegar in it last night and let it soak. Today, no difference.

I poured a little hot water in there and that let me turn the impeller freely for a minute until it seized up again. I stuck my endoscope down there and found no tampons or anything, just a few hard mineral deposits. I also used the endoscope to check the drive belt, it looks fine.

How should I go about removing the deposits? I think I have some muriatic acid at home. Would CLR be better?
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Muriatic acid is best for dissolving the deposits...let it soak for 30-45 minutes, then rinse with clean fresh water. Repeat if necessary. If those deposits have scored the impeller housing, you're gonna need a new housing 'cuz the scoring will damage the new impeller (which you'll also need).

If muriatic acid doesn't work, call Paul Campagna, Jabsco's toilet guru. His direct line is 978.282.5246

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That paticular toilet was junk from the start. If I'm not mistaken they are no longer being produced
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Had other things to do recently, and I also shyed away from using the muriatic acid because of handling concerns. Sew Clean was supposed to be better, so I ordered a bottle.

Now, however, I'm not sure of the best way to use it. Sew Clean's directions are geared toward descaling hoses, so it says to flush it immediately and let it sit in the hoses for 12 hours. That doesn't help my impeller though.

I could just let it sit in the bowl, but for how long? Some people give dire warnings about even letting vinegar sit overnight in the bowl. Sew Clean is more powerful, even if it's advertised as "safe". Anyone have any thoughts?
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You may want to try double strength vinegar first - available in supermarkets. Use it warm.
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I've had similar issues with my Jabsco Deluxe Flush toilet. The mineral deposits are crystalized urine. I use a product called "Acid Magic" a buffered (easy on the skin) muriatic acid used to clean and flush pool systems. Pour a little into bowl, run thru macerator. Let it soak for a while. You may have to do this several times. It usually dissolves the deposits quickly. I'll pour a little into the bowl periodically during the season. Note that I also use Acid Magic as a "Barnacle Buster" type acid for end-of-season engine flushes.
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Doesn't seem like Acid Magic is widely available here, but assuming it's on a similar level to Sew Clean, I may take a similar approach. Rather than mixing up the whole quart bottle and leaving it for 12 hours, I'll just add enough to immerse the impeller and see what 2 hours does. If it's not enough, I'll reapply.
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Long story short, Sew Clean removed all the deposits but didn't solve the problem. The toilet still rattles when flushing.

So I bit the bullet and finally took alart the impeller housing. It feels pretty stiff to me when turning. It's getting a bit late now, but I'm contemplating whether it's possible to lubricate or further clean it.
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I think I have things from here, but I may as well make it easier for the next guy. The plastic impeller is screwed on with a reverse rotation, so I gripped the pulley with a towel and turned the impeller CLOCKWISE and it came right off.

The lower bearing is perfectly functional, but the upper one is totally seized onto the shaft and pulley. I have a box of bearings coming from Amazon, and ordered a replacement mechanical seal from Seals Unlimited in the US. The bearings are type 608 2RS and the seal is 0120.18.N.C per this thread from another forum:
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