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Splendide Vented Combo 2000 drain pump

Seems. that our Vented Splendide washer/dryer combo 2000 is too old to have a drain pump replaced according to Westerland who i guess owns Splendide.

So with that said my husband and I have looked high and low on every website possible for a used drain pump or one comparable that can replace our broken drain pump.

Does anyone have any ideas or have run into this same problem? Our only option is to replace a perfectly good washer/dryer otherwise. Really crazy to have to spend 1000.00 because of a drain pump.
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Remove the pump and go to a appliance supply (or take a picture and email to an online appliance parts company). Many appliances use the same or similar parts. Splendide probably doesn't make the pump. Some manufacturer that specializes in washer parts probably does.

Another source is ebay. Often people are selling used appliance parts from scrapped washers.
Sometimes you can find parts at an appliance scrapper or buy a damaged washer that has a working pump.
I believe Splendide is made in Europe. I have a similar washer that looks like it was made in the same factory (slightly different control panel). So looking at an Amazon or ebay in Europe may get you the part.
I've repaired my washer several times because of the difficulty of getting a tech on the boat. In the end I bought a used one and stripped out the main expensive or likely to break parts.
Search "clothes washer pump" on ebay, you may find a match.
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Don’t forget the RV market. Splendides are very popular in them.
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A separate ac powered small centrifugal pump is used in dishwashers might work. I have bought 2 on Ebay from a frigidaire. Has an input and output I was able to attach hoses, but not for repairing your appliance.

From your OP, it seems there is a distinct drain pump, and all it does is drain the water?
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A pump is a pump for the most part.

You do not need a splendie pump. You need a 120 volt pump that will remove the sudzy water fom the washing machine.

I would think you could choose between a diaphram pump like the Whale gulper and the old standby Jabsco impeller type pumps and get decent life.

Even a good macerator pump would do the trick but they would be overkill.

There is a zero percent chance Iwould replace my perfectly good washer over a obsolete pump
Kevin Sanders
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Or <cough> drain into the bilge where, I assume, you must have a working pump. Just sayin’
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Call Depco Pump in Clearwater, FL. They could possibly repair/replace it.
Lucky Lucky
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That is a simple paddle style pump based in a plastic housing - the biggest problem is getting to it. If you have moved the unit and have access to the pump first thing is to make sure it is getting power - that is often the problem. If you have got access to the pump and its not power you can see that much of it is exposed and can be worked on/repaired.
The pump will not power up for a few reasons - cycle not complete, door sensor detects door agar, spin cycle pulled wire out , etc.
If none of this yields the problem that these other good ideas about finding a similar pump that fits into that spot are what I would do.
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Too bad...I just replace my old Splendid and removed the pump for some reason....thought someone may need it someday. Left it in my shop and wife tossed it thinking it was trash...that was about 6 months could try craigslist...they may be able to help or go online and search the country for an old unit that you can disassemble for parts
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