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Mar 26, 2024
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Helmsman 38e
We had the pleasure of meeting both Scott and Van Helker when they delivered our Helmsman 38e from the port of Miami to Stuart Florida where we had Jeremy and his crew at BOE install the marine electronics. (Shout out to BOE- they know what they’re doing and we would hire them again in a heartbeat.)
Because neither of us is very mechanical, we engaged a surveyor to inspect the boat for us. Although he found a few very minor issues which the Helkers quickly resolved or arranged to be fixed, he couldn’t stop raving about the quality and design of the boat.
Now that we have been living and traveling on board for several months, I can honestly say that this boat is THE BOMB. On our previous boat (a Ranger Tug 31 CB) we had so much trouble maneuvering and docking. I thought my husband was just a bad driver. But after some lessons with Van and some practice, docking and undocking with this girl is stress free. The interior is so spacious, the berth so comfortable, and the galley so functional that living on this boat is a breeze. The washing machine (Scott agreed to swap out the Splendid combo for an LG washer only) is a game changer when it comes to live aboard ease. No more schlepping laundry to lousy marina laundry rooms! I could go on and on. Trust me - from a woman’s point of view this is an exquisite vessel.
Previously, in a moment of frustration, my husband had posted about the delivery delays. I realize now that managing the manufacturing of such a complex piece of equipment in China in a post Covid world was truly an unmanageable undertaking. And still Scott handled it all with grace. I think that as the disruptions of the pandemic become smaller in the rear view mirror, delivery estimates will become more accurate. And even if they don’t, rest assured the extra time is worth it. You will have years to savor the awesomeness of your Helmsman. N


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Within months the wait will be forgotten. Be sure to post a picture to Helmsmans in the Wild when you get a great shot. And review all the useful pointers in Helmsman Hacks. Enjoy your new baby! This is a marvelous boat.
Welcome aboard and congratulations !
Indeed soon you will have forgotten about all the delays, then you will be enjoying the boat and laughing about what happened while having a drink in your hand.
Our 38E is next up for delivery in Charleston ... we can't wait to have those initial experiences together as you both did! We'll be repositioning our 38E up to the Long Island Sound for the Summer and then back down the east coast for fall/winter! See ya out there... hope to see you along our travels.
Congratulations. We know how sweet it is when the boat finally arrives. Our 38E took a little detour in shipping when it was mistakenly delivered to Miami instead of Seattle. Four months later we finally connected. We’re out on the water today and loving it.
Congrats! Van is in our Port Townsend Yacht Club, and he is a very nice guy!
I liked the part about thinking your hubby was just a bad driver! I agree on all your points. I ordered my electronics through BOE and they are great to deal with. Scott and Van are both quality folks. As busy as they are, they never fail to follow up when we have had questions. Great folks running a great company.
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