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if like my core....just plywood with oaper thin glass on the outside....

thus my sorta ssructural repair comnent....

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"It is not structural just filling in where the rotten wet wood was removed."

The rotten plywood Was structural, even if there is 3/8 GRP on the outside , the ply was to stiffen the area .

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I would repair with the assumption it is structural, and use epoxy. It can do no harm, where assuming it is not structural, and later finding you were wrong would be a real PITA.
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you cant fill in gaps with liquid nails
and anything surrounding a door or window should be treated as structural, even though it may not be, treat it as such and you will never have to worry about messing with it again....
i would go epoxy with any "glue" repair, i have seen liquid nails fail (the good stuff) due to moister and vibration over time
"busted knuckles"..... one more and i will have a complete set !
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Epoxy for gluing the plywood to the underlying fiberglass, also epoxy coat the plywood to seal it. Then I use PL premium for gluing interior panels to the plywood core. Never had any failure of a PL premium construction glue in my past or present boat. JohnP

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