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Better consumption

under power than all "passagmaker" :-)
0.9lt per nm at 8.5kts !
I don't know any motor boat who can manage that
Our former was 1.35 lt per nm at around same speed
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It's a sailboat.
1. A small insectivorous mammal resembling a mouse, with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes.
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City: Szczecin
Vessel Name: Dryade
Vessel Model: Trawler 72
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No ? :-)
Yes but the weight, speed, consumption it interesting

you could remove the mast and partiallythe lead...some already use this way and it made a very economical passagemaker .
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It appears that someone took a racing yacht hull, which the project stalled from some reason and finished it off as a cruising boat capable of sustained motoring at hull speed. I would definitely call it a sailboat; it has a higher sail area to displacement ratio of any Island Packet (for example) ever made and calling it a motor-sailor is inaccurate.

There have been a number of similar projects starting with former ocean racers converted to long range cruisers. The build quality is generally very good and if the hull did not experience delamination during their strenuous career, they will serve just fine under the lower loads of a smaller sail plan. Set up for living on the hook and being self-sufficient makes sense, what doesn't make sense is using them for coastal cruising where a long LOA is expensive and limiting for dockage, storage relative to a pretty constrained living space. The sail budget for such a boat is on par with a re-power and the air and water draft for such an animal is a major constraint.

Frankly, while I know it was a new build, the subject boat looks like it suffered a partial dismasting, lost the tip of the rig so they just modified the spar, rigging, re-stepped the mast and ordered smaller sails.
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Strength for weight at present you can’t beat oven baked prepreg carbon. However even beyond the inordinate expense of such construction it may not be the best choice for the cruiser. Cruising boats bang into things. Folk drop stuff on their decks. Sooner or later you touch bottom. With metal or solid glass you don’t need to find a specialize yard to fix those inevitable dings, scraps and damages. With carbon even if not prepreg you do. Just like you may not want a Ferrari as a daily driver if you live in Wyoming you may not want a super high tech hull for cruising. AL or sealinium would serve at less expense, less risk with lightening strike and greater ease of repair imho.
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