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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
Heck, my 400 Mainship lists, too. Pretty much to the starboard side. Opposite all the heavy stuff.

I solved it by moving some of the cases of beer to the other side......
It lists to the same side as the galley, doesn't it? That is the direction the 350 and 390 list. Our galleys are to port same as the list. I would consider the cabinets, counter, oven/stove and fridge along with all of the contents stored in the cabinets as the 'heavy stuff'.
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Originally Posted by suntansailor View Post
All, thanks for all the great suggestions. However the problem did not exist before, and no extra gear has been installed. I am sorry, but my boat did not list previously, and I want it to be level.

The ONLY thing I have done is add fuel to both tanks, and also added water.

The water tank is easy to see that both are equal in levels after being filled, so that is not the culprit.

The diesel tanks are the ones that you can't see visually, and fuel gauges seem to be less than accurate. Getting a dip stick in there is being a contortionist at best.

After taking in all the suggestions from everyone, my plan is to close the port and stbd valves for the equalizer tube. Then will shut off the starboard tank feeder valve to the cat engine, and draw from the port tank only to see if this will equalize the weight loads, and make the listing more acceptable in time from use of the engine while depleting diesel from that tank.

Once level, I will reopen the equalizer valves. When adding any diesel fuel from this point on, I will make sure to add EQUAL liters on each tank.

Again, thanks for the input!
Don't open your equalizing valves once it is level. Your list will likely return. Equal levels in the tanks do not necessarily mean you will have a level boat. It will vary depending on the boat fit out and the storage. Things like the level of your holding tank will change the list.

If you can't vary your storage or ballast to level the boat, then you have to vary your tank levels. Whichever tanks (water or fuel) are furthest from the centreline will be the most sensitive to changing your list.

Just adjust the list by usage of water or fuel.
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My Grand Banks lists similarly to your boat. I have done all the fuel balancing exercises, but having just sat in my engine room I noticed there are 3 ac compressors and my refrigeration compressor all on the same side of the boat. I am not willing to reengineer these compressors but am now considering adding ballast. Good luck!
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Hi, does your boat have round deck hatches on swimplatform ? If so, mainship would have completed the platform recall they had. Platforms were taking on water, they put a thruhull that allows water to come back into aft bilge and they would re-5200 the whole platform to stop leaks. But that would fill up and carry a ton of water, maybe not your issue ?
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2000 MS 390 listing issue

Trawler Expert,

My trawler did not have the swim platform warranty issue resolved by factory.

I had to do it all myself (see my post on this subject and pics).

Swim platform is dry now with all the work I did, and removed wet foam. Perhaps that previous weight in swim platform is playing a factor on this listing, but found water in all four sections of swim platform when I disassembled it so don't think so.

Water and fuel are the only added items to trawler. Water tanks I can visually are equal, so fuel needs to be equalized. And based upon everyone's suggestions, I will close off the equalized valves as they seem to be useless in resolving all this.

I will post my results on the actions I am planning to remedy this darn list.

A mechanic buddy of mine is offering a "simpler" suggestion now...a 12v fuel transfer pump taking fuel from port tank and depositing it to starboard tank. Found a pump on Amazon $34.95, so will order. This may "speed up" the equalizing process vs the using of cat diesel engine to do so.
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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
It lists to the same side as the galley, doesn't it? That is the direction the 350 and 390 list. Our galleys are to port same as the list. I would consider the cabinets, counter, oven/stove and fridge along with all of the contents stored in the cabinets as the 'heavy stuff'.

The galley on my MS400 is on starboard, but the list was to port. I suspect the reason was we had a ton of stuff on the port side. The sofa storage had a bunch of pots pans cookers, spare prop and parts. Under the port booth seat I made a storage area that contained 75 to 100 cans of soup, beans, etc. In the bunk room (second state room) we had all of the containers of liquids, booze, food stuff, beer, more parts and more can goods. Also a vise, hammer, drills, saws and several parts boxes.

The galley cabinets didn't have heavy stuff... paper goods, baggies, and the plates, cups were mostly light weight and didn't have much of them.

And, when I said moving the beer cases to the starboard side worked, I was serious.
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2000 MS listing issue

I have a 1997 MS 350/390 Trawler that has a constant list to starboard. I too, have spent many hours trying to figure out why. I have a single Yanmar 6LYA engine and have spent many hours measuring fuel and water tank sizes and offsets only to conclude that they are balanced.
I did determine that the fuel return feed only goes to the starboard tank so that when the port tank is nearly empty I still have almost 1/3 fuel in the starboard tank. However, when I carefully fill both tanks (there is no crossover), the boat still lists slightly to starboard.
I have concluded that it must be a minor irregularity in the hull design and have lived at peace with it. Two previous boats I have owned had similar hull irregularities, one was a sailboat that could sail 10 deg. closer to the wind on one side over the other.
My advice is as long as the list is only a few inches and the water line stripe is still above water, accept it as a minor idiosyncrasy of a wonderful boat.
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Hi Doug, thanks for the input.

The simple fact that I did not have any list previously, makes me believe this situation can be remedied.

My list is dramatic...almost 3-4" above water line on stbd, and on portside my white accent line is well below the water with algae growing on it. My anti fouling top paint line is 3" under water.

When the only thing I added is water and fuel to this boat, one of these has to be the culprit.

So my water tanks levels are equal, my next goal is to transfer pump fuel from port tank to stbd with equalizer valves closed, pumping slowly to see any effects.

If this does not work, then I have run out of solutions (adding ballast to a boat that never had it previously does not make sense to this sailor).

The 12v transfer pump should arrive here from Amazon next week, and will see what that accomplishes...
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Ours has a slight list to port. Obviously that is where most of the equipment is located including batteries. Take a look under the seats in the flybridge. I was amazed how much crap I wound up with over the years in there. Since its so high its very easy to compensate list up there. I keep all my dinghy stuff, spare generator battery, lines, etc on the starboard side. When i take that stuff out the boat lists to port. Also The boats were built with a sofa bed on the starboard side. Some folks have taken the sofa bed out and put in two chairs that weigh 200 lbs less.
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City: Sint Maarten DWI
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Vessel Model: 2000 Mainship 390 Trawler
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2000 MS 390 listing issue

Latest update on listing issue...I ordered the diesel fuel transfer pump from Amazon, hooked up appropriate hoses to it, and figured it would take just 3-4 minutes to transfer fuel from Port tank (listing side) to Starboard tank.

Didn't figure on a 90 degree turn on fuel filler hose into tank, so hose would not go down into tank no matter how much I pushed. So then had to pull off the supply fuel line from port tank to cat engine, and attach pump to that, to transfer the fuel, using some reducer connectors. It worked, but of course at a slower pace.

While I was down in engine area, I transferred all spare back up oil & transmission containers from port to stbd side as many of you suggested to shift weight to stbd.

Now I am happy to report boat has almost no listing. So in future, when I fuel up, I will put in exactly the same amount of fuel in each tank (I shut off equalizer hose valves), so in theory should not experience the problem again.

Many thanks for all the suggestions from fellow forum owners...the one that said just "live with it" was not one I could embrace, as I wanted it like it was before.

Happy level sailing now!
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2.8.19 port no listing.jpg   2.8.19 stbd no listing.jpg   2.8.19 stern no list.jpg  
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Planes are trimmed with weight, I'd expect boats would be the same. Looking good!
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You say it never had a list before, now it does, and you haven't changed anything? Possibly a concealed section of the bottom, outboard of a stringer, does not have a limber hole and has accumulated water from some source - rainwater or deck wash leakage, even condensation from an A/C unit where the drip hose has come off. I've seen where this condensation filled a 5 gal pail in 24 hours.
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