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SoWhat 04-27-2018 07:24 PM

Condition of Lehman engine mounts?
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Front mount appears to be good. Rear mount appears to be squashed. I'm guessing it's no longer providing much isolation. They are the original 1985 mounts. I believe the rear mounts are R&D 800-013's.

Is the rubber insert (yellow arrow) the indicator or is the height of the H shaped assy just above the base the indicator?

The transmissions are already off. I'm planning on loosening all mounts, slightly jacking up the rear to take load off supports, break loose the bolts and remove supports and mounts as an assembly. Preset the mounts, reinstall, then final align. If the fronts are OK I'll leave them alone.

Keysdisease 04-28-2018 05:27 AM

After 30 + years a natural rubber mount is well past its performance lifespan. That doesn't mean its going to fail, it just doesn't isolate anywhere as well as it is intended to.

It would seem these have served you well, if you can afford it and can find direct replacements that would be a good and relatively easy fix.

If you can't find direct replacements your existing mounts are tall enough to give you a good range of replacements.

$0.02 :socool:

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