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aenlic 08-28-2017 09:54 AM

Tackle for trawler fishing?
I'd like to start fishing from my Hershine 37 (San Francisco bay arwa), but don't have plans to go hardcore. (Read: Simple works for me.)

I've read posts about the challenges of fishing from a trawler; mine has a raised aft deck, which doesn't exactly help. (6-7 feet above waterline).

I don't have specific species in mind, and would love to have something which would be an 'all-around' setup. Is there such a thing? Most online recommendations point to a spinning reel. (An example that I've found is the Okuma Avenger baitfeeding combo.)

All comments welcome, thanks-


Montenido 08-28-2017 10:34 AM

I would recommend a long-handled landing net and gaff. That should help with the raised deck, and bringing fish aboard is usually when they are lost (on my boat). Do you have room for pole holders? My last boat had outriggers which folded down for use, up for storage. It helped keep my lures out of the wake. I also recommend a couple of fighting belts, which allow you to use your abdomen more while reeling in the fish. More than one because you might get multiple hookups at once. Finally, do you have a spot for a cleaning table? Somewhere where it drains over the side is good.
Most any decent heavy duty reels and poles will work. I have a mix of Shimano and Penn. Start fishing and then you will see what more you need, and what locations aboard are best for you.

Good luck, Bill

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