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Aug 4, 2021
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Island Gypsy 32 Trawler
Hello everyone from beautiful Portland, ME.

Late last summer we purchased the Island Gypsy 32 Trawler. This was a sharp departure from years of various Makos ownership. We previously lived in Gloucester, MA so those were our home waters.

I like a project, so the Gypsy is exactly that. First off, she, Freedom, is a 1994. The original owner specified everything first class and oversized. Engine is a 250 HP Cummins turbo, 40 Amp genset, big all chain windlass, etc. All good bones. That was also the last refit. All electronics were 94 vintage, CRT radars, Loran, no GPS, obsolete auto pilot, you get the picture. Windows had leaked, so all the teak paneling was ruined. The wife and I ran her around late summer and fall to assess everything. We pulled her out in October and she went immediately under the knife. Media blasted the bottom, replaced 17! windows, redid the entire inside with beadboard, what a job during the winter in Maine.
Spring saw hull fairing, barrier coat and 4 coats of bottom paint, a complete suite of used electronics, new toilet, etc.
We've enjoyed every minute near cruising the islands and ports of Maine. This fall the plan is a complete paint job.:dance:
The nice thing about a major refit, more and more into the refit, the boat becomes more you and not just some cookie cutter item off the shelf.
Welcome aboard. Congrats on your new boat how about some photos of all your work.
Welcome from another "Mainha", we recently also bought our cruising boat but alas we left it in Oriental NC for a few more months. I was also a Cape Ann resident a long time ago, born and raised in Beverly, lobstered out of the harbor till off to college at 18 yo. Sounds like your ahead of the curve with your refit, I still have to finish my to do list. This is a GREAT forum for knowledge, I lurk here often.
The 32 was one of the nicest IGs built. There were 2 and one cabin versions. Good proportions, good interior layout. Most sold here had twin 80hp Lehmans. Wooden windows are always an issue,the decks,and of course the osmosis, but overcome those, it`s a lovely boat. My 36 went to keen new owners,the replacement has its origins in the IG36/Halvorsen design. Hope you continue to enjoy your boat.

So twin 80 Hp down under. Mine has a single all enclosed keel protected prop. Bow thruster takes care of the tight maneuvering. With the forest of lobster buoys here with their attendant lines, a single protected prop is appreciated. Every weekend becomes longer as we extend our range. You are right, very comfortable 6-4-2 configuration. Great lines, it is just a happy boat.

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