Where to store a spare prop on our Manatee

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Sep 12, 2016
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Kadey Krogan\Manatee
Hi all

Our OMA has a new prop! (PO had the original prop re-pitched from 13 to <10)

We want to keep and store the old prop as a spare. Where do people store this large hunk of bronze on their manatee?
Don't know manatee. But on last big boat, lifting engine rm floor revealed LOTS of free space. Or, bolt flat against inside transom
I have bolted them to a bulkhead. You can put them almost anywhere they will fit BUT keep in mind what they block access to for service/replacement.
The new prop gives me 7.3 Knts at 2500 rpm!!!!
It took about 3300 with the old prop.
We have a KK Manatee and our spare prop fits in the engine well starboard side aft. Behind the box where we keep a few Christmas decorations.
Hoping I never have to actually haul it out.

Large battery bank forward and solar on the pilot house allows us to not have a generator in the well which affords more room for storage.
Thank you. We have a gen set so that does not work for us, but I’m curious about your battery and solar set up. Would you mind sharing more details?
We are equipped with two banks of batteries.
Forward under the galley are 6 lithium phosphate for 600 A hr to cover all of the house and aft are 4 AGMs for 400 Ahr to accommodate all boat operations (thruster, windless, autopilot, etc)

Solar panels cover the pilot house which has the added benefit of keeping it cool as there is an air gap between the panels and the roof.

The whole system is tied together and managed with a Victron switch/charge controller.

The previous owners did the installation and did an excellent job.

We carry an emergency 2KW Honda generator but have never really needed it and we are mostly anchored out. House heat is handled by a Dickinson diesel stove.

When we drop our hook, we enjoy the deep silence of no generator.
Aft under the back deck, tucked up on the starboard side on a some foam insulation along with the emergency rudder control. Not easy to get to, but definitely out of the way.
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