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May 12, 2015
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Mainship 390
The California Delta is home to SloMotion, our Mainship 390 berthed at the Willow Berm Marina in Isleton CA. My wife, Dianne Hammer and I, Bob Souza, have been Delta boaters for the past fifteen years and never get tired of our Delta travels. With 1,000 miles of navigable water ways we can still get lost! The best part of our Delta experience is we co own what we call our Berm, a small parcel on a peninsula on Disappointment Slough off the Stockton Deep Water Channel. A substantial 50' dock with a gangway to land provides berthing for the two owners or if we want to entertain, we can get six boats sterned in. A large deck with a gabezzo and a grassy area for our dogs to take care biz make for a comfortable setting. We are socially active with memberships in the Tower Park Yacht Club where I serve as Vice Commodore and the Little Potatoe Cruising Club. Bob is also a member of the U.S. Power Squadrons where he was an instructor in Skipper Saver, a program training the spouse of a skipper, basic boating operations. Over 25% of our retirement time is spent boating and we love it!
Welcome to TF! What a GREAT way to spend your retirement!
Funning my boat is named "Relenti". French for "Slow Motion"
I love river deltas. Spent much of my college years boating on the Snohomish River in WA state. The Skagit River (in my back yard now) is not so user friendly but much more beautiful. The delta has much more current and is mostly suitable only for canoes and kayaks. We have both and as yet haven't done that .. my bad.
Photo is of the Skagit 30 miles upriver where we live. We're not on the river but two city blocks north of.


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That "berm" sounds great, something I had not heard of before. How does one go about finding one to purchase? I take it that buying land is not enough -- there must be a lot of red tape (maybe even including California coastal commission?) to get necessary permits to build the dock?
Sounds like you're working hard to not work hard in your retirement years. That's been our plan and we're working hard to make it happen. And that means neither of us work, both of us love retirement and being on the boat.

Good job getting the stars aligned so you can now have fun. That's what we all work so hard for so many years for.
We lease the "Berm" on an annual basis. All the improvements belong to us including the dock, 600 square foot deck, gazebo and amenities. The hard pack area (dirt) is another 500 square feet. It does involve a lot of work in maintaining erosion control and vegetation management but it is worth it!
Hi Bob. Our boat is at Owl Harbor. There is a pretty nice Mainship there as well. Hopefully, we will cross paths this season. Maybe at one of the Trawler Forum rendezvous?
Welcome. We TFer San Francisco Bay/Delta (estuarian) boaters have a very active subforum. Check us out.

Petaluma turning basin:


Pittsburg dock:

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Hello Neighbors! Welcome. More folks from my neck of the state. I bounce between the bay and occassionally as far in as Swabbies (where the road ends). Usually meandering lines but typically traversing the distances rather than wandering. Made it a point to myself to spend more time wandering and exploring this year. I look forward to enjoying more of the local go-slow boating community.
Welcome souzaham/Bob and Dianne and Tuesday/Marc! We have another member, Pineapple Girl, who berths at Willow Berm and several others on the Delta Loop. I was at Riverboat Marina until 1 1/2 years ago when I relocated to Vallejo.

As markpierce mentioned, we have an active NorCal section where we plan and discuss local trips and issues. As you can see from Mark's picture, we like cruising into Petaluma! We're due for another pilgrimage to Lagunitas someday soon.


Feel free to join in the conversations. Perhaps a delta trip will coincide with your plans for meeting up on the water. I'm starting to plan a trip to the delta in July and will inevitably be anchored at Mildred Island for a few days. One of my favorite anchorages in the delta! Will probably return for another delta adventure in August for the Taste of the Delta event at Tower Park Marina/KOA.

Tuesday, where do you keep your boat? Looks like you live not far from me in Rancho Cordova. I live near Roseville.

Glad to see more NorCal locals onboard. Hope you can join us on a TF Rendezvous.
Im currently down by CG Island on the estuary but will be coming back in to either Sac metro in a few weeks till I decide north bay (pet river/Sausalito) or south bay for summer in (Oakland/Alameda).
I like Sac but it gets HOT in summer months.

I have a house in Citrus heights but am trying to transition to spending next winter aboard and stay in North bay. This summer I am just going to be weekending and lazing around locally between finishing all the projects I have slated.

Bless these big boats...Dang this tiny wallet...
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