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Oct 2, 2007
*I am considering a washer dryer combo for the boat, looking for suggestions on brands and models also I am looking for the best price online???? I have seen the splendide models online but thats about it. *Thanks for your input!
The home jobs are probably the best bet.

Splendide has tiny capacity and the drying is a joke , unless you are dockside , and creating power for hours on end is done with coal,elsewhere.

Troy, I would second trying PPL for price and models. The RV industry will be your best source to search. Chuck
Oh, thanks for reminding me FF... I have to go get a load of DRY clothes out of my Splendide!
*The key is learning how to use it right. It'll wash twice as much as it'll dry, so if you overload it, it's not going to dry what you put in.

I agree the stackable washer/dryer combos will work better, IF you have room for them. I had a set like that, but when I went to replace it, the new ones were a couple of inches taller and wouldn't fit.

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Troy, I would suggest you take some advise from folks that actually have used washers and dryers aboard there boats. Good Luck. Chuck
I agree with FF on this one. We had a spledide on our last boat. The upside was the ability to wash clothes onboard (transient marina laundries are notably poor capacity with long lines in cruising season).

The downside is the Spledide was a 110V dryer - like drying the clothes with a hair dryer; I think the hair dryer may have been faster.
FWIW the RV industry has this same discussion on their sites. The general attitude is that small loads and an exterior vent Splendide was the best option. Of course if you just enjoy time in a laundromat or whatever, then knock yourself out. But the "non vented" Splendide is panned virtually everywhere as being inefficient. The newer vented Splendide's apparently do OK.

I've had both types, and the vented really doesn't do any better than the non-vented. I thought it would, but it doesn't move a lot of air like a home unit. They vented is a bit cheaper if you can install a vent line for it, but the non-vented might be easier to install, although it uses more water during the drying cycle.
IF you could get a copy of the wiring diagram before purchasing an apartment sized unit , you might get the best of both worlds.

IF the wiring were hooked up so there are 2 -120V heating elements (fairly common) the rest of the machine would still be 120V

With only one of the 120v legs powered it would wash just fine,and dry no worse than a Splendid , yet not suffer from mini size .

In port at the big buck 240V meter spinning , the unit would work as designed.

For most folks (not cruising above the Arctic Circle) the drying wet exhaust should be vented overboard .Above 60N the moisture inside might help.

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