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Aug 21, 2023
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'02 Shamrock 22 Open (for sale) 03' Mainship 34 Pilot
So on my recently acquired 34 Pilot, the transom door scupper has a broken corner with the pin and so has lost the ability to stay put. Anyone ever run into this and find a replacement? I don’t believe this is an off the shelf part. I can poll my plastic fabricators but if someone already knows who made it, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
If you can’t get a new one you can probably fix it with some fiberglass on each side. Use epoxy resin as it will stick better. Rough up the plastic to give it some tooth, wipe with acetone and then glass each side with something like 1708.
See the "Sticky" in the M-MS section re Parts.
You will have to scan through thumbnail photos to find something that looks similar but that can be easier than scouring the internet.
Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

I finally got down there and took another look at it. Pulled it off and saw how ridiculously simple this was. 7 small screws and the whole assembly comes right out. The white piece is nothing more than 1/2” Starboard roughly 14”x5”. The black part is an aluminum frame and the plastic door is held on with pair of machine screws threaded through the frame and into the top of the plastic piece. The corner broke at the end of the screw and was up near the edge so I’m not surprised. Not a lot protecting it from an accidental kick.

While I’m waiting for a piece each of King Starboard ST and Piedmont Plastics PMG Ultra (impact modified acrylic), I grabbed a piece of 3/4” Azek from my neighbor and made a trial run. I had a functional replacement made in an hour. Now I’ll have to do it with the good stuff. Just don’t know which product I’ll use.
Is azek not the same stuff as starboard, without the marine price? Seems it would work for that even if slightly different, as long as it won’t warp or fall apart from uv.
Actually Azek & Starboard are wildly different. Yes, they are both plastics but Azek is foamed PVC and Starboard is HDPE. Yes, both will work but I'm also cleaning up the aesthetics.

I've actually got some Piedmont PMG Ultra (impact modified acrylic) from a customer. When I get back around to it at the end of the season, It will look great and be a lot more durable than the original. I'd do it now but we are cruising every weekend and I have priorities!
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