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Mar 16, 2017
My name is JP from Valeyfield ,Quebec
I just want to thank you for accepting me in your group
I'm a proud owner of a 38' North Thumberland style trawler that i just bought last July.

Today I'm looking for specs or best advises on :
What is best size for a holding tand (toilet)
What is best size for drinking water tank for the size of my boat
Is a 12 V refrigerator (9 cubic foot) recommended for warm climate(bahamas) or should i prefer an equivalent in size ice box ?

Please consider it will be use as a liveaboard

thank you all:)
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Welcome! Does your boat have these tanks and a refrigerator now or have they been removed?
Hi Steve, bought this 38 Norththumberland fishing boat style last summer
Hemingway had a 32 G drinking water tank, small toilet with his 30 litres reservoir and no fridge on board other than a 120 v 4 cubic feet fridge
I'm refitting this boat as we speak . When the refitt will be completed I intend to sail to the Bahamas where I will leave it all year long, Our intends is to liveaboard this boat from October to April.
Another one that what to get rid of our wonderful winter :D
Hi Lou , you're absolutely right ! but don't worry I have friends that will send me pics of our wonderful winter while away
Welcome JP. Does the 4 cu.ft. refrigerator not work on an inverter or is there another reason that you want to replace it? Got luck with the rebuild and welcome to the forum.
I don't know what your personal requirements are but here's what I have for tankage and fridge sizes in my 34' (nearly 37' LOA) sedan trawler. Last summer, I spent 2 weeks at anchor with only me aboard without reprovisioning or pumping out. Your mileage may vary...

Fresh water tank: 75 gallons (for bathing and dishwashing)
Bottled water: 25 gallons (for drinking)
Holding tank: 40 gallons
Fridges: 1- 5.8 cu ft 12V/120V, 1- 3 cu ft 120V (on 1000W inverter)

When the food and beer volume diminished a week into the trip, I had the option of shutting down the 3 cu ft fridge to conserve electrical power.

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