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Well, no need to worry about teak decks or fuel tanks. That boat did not survey well and was rejected. Blisters.
So found one down in Marathon. A '79 36' that has new fuel tanks, no teak on main deck, and no blisters or moisture on the bottom. Haulout scheduled to replace 4 plastic drains with bronze at water line.
Look to replace the main and gen intakes as well. Any suggestions on replacements?

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My aft deck is all teak and last year I re-caulked and sanded down to new wood. It came out very nice. I do not think the teak had ever been sanded but here is another option if your decks are leaking. Mine were not but the caulk clearly needed to be renewed. If they were leaking I would seriously consider the product I am about to describe.

It is a liquid sealer made by Semco, not the Semco stuff that is like varnish but another product by a company named Semco (semcoworks.com). Semco call its a liquid membrane and represents that it can be used on concrete basement floors, concrete swimming pools, tile, and wood. I just sealed the basement floor in our newly-built home. This stuff is amazing. It is water based so easy cleanup. Roll or brush it on. It cures quickly to a rock hard surface and seals completely. Requires two coats. Use on a leaking teak deck and leaks be gone. I would have thought the surface would be slippery but it is not. A sand mix can be added for more traction. It is very easy to apply as opposed to kiwigrip.

Guys, take a look. I think this product will pique the interest of a few of you. There is no doubt that this is the product I would use to rehab a leaking deck absent a tear-out. One gallon costs about $110 and covers 200-250 square feet, two coats.

Has anyone used this on their teak decks? Would like to see a picture or hear the results.
GB 32 Decks?

Looking at a 78 with weathered decks. How to fix? Bungs are falling out not enough wood left to restore the teak.
I’m thinking sand smooth fill voids with epoxy fairing putty. Re-sand then
Do a few layers of epoxy glass. No apparent leaking at this time. Then paint with two part epoxy primer. Finish up with than imitation vinyl?
It is not very hard, just hard on your back. They can be painted but the results will depend on literally hundreds of factors, most related to prep.

I covered mine with vinyl (pontoon deck covering) So far I like the look and result.

If the teak is that worn then it will have water leaking into the core. Just glassing over it is like building a house on a shaky foundation. I would strip the teak off and then check the core for leakage and soft core. Then fix the soft core and lay some glass over the whole deck. Paint the deck with Kiwigrip and you don’t have to finish the glas quite as smooth. The Kiwigrip will cover minot imperfections.
So try to remove all bungs then the screws. Next set circular saw to 1/2” and rip across every foot or so. Then use an air chisel to pry up the teak?
Work from the stern forwards. Fill screw holes as you go.
How do you check for weakness in the sun decking?
I use a phoenolic hammer to check by tapping. You should get a sharp tone not a dull thud. It is pretty easy to figure out what is good or not. It may not be as accurate as a moisture meter but if you buy a moisture meter and don’t have experience with it you will not get good results. I use the hammer in the photo below. You want a hard plastic surface on the hammer. I carry it when I am looking at a boat just as a quick test of the decks.


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I first drilled the bungs with a hole cutter in a cordless drill, then mechanically removed the screws, then pried the boards up. Later I just hammered a large pry bar ($10 at Harbor Freight) under the boards and ripped them up. I used the slotted end of the pry bar and yanked the screws out. This was much faster (albeit crude) and I could do a lot of it standing up.
Teak Deck Replacement

Hey Old Sea Dog!
Take a look at "Teak Deck Replacement on GB32" my posting from last spring. It will give you a good idea of what you are in for. Good luck!
Thanks Patience, but that GB 36 failed survey. Found GB 36 #599 down in Marathon FL last summer. Teak decks removed and fuel tanks replaced. Brought her up to Crisfield MD to start the Loop this year.
What did that cost you
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