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Jan 25, 2022
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Dauntless 2.0
Has anyone looked into putting steps up to the fly bridge from the lower helm station outside one of the side doors? Would be a quick way to get up top without going to the back ladder. Thanks.
Not as quick as using a teleporter.
Or springs
Springs on your feet would be quick. (-;
But not as quick as a teleporter )-:
I saw a Krogen that did that. The steps/ladder are hinged and lie flat against the PH. Unlatch and swing into place to use. Swing back out of the way to use the side deck. I thought it was pretty ingenious and thought a factory install.
I was going to say it would need to be a vertical ladder to avoid blocking the side deck but Porgy has suggested a work around for that.

I disagree with Simi 60. A teleporter would be slower than springs. The teleporter needs time to warm up.
Plus the early generation teleporters were prone to catching fire from lithium ion batteries.
Ladder idea

I am wanting the same idea. I took a screenshot of a really nice ladder setup and am planning something similar. Maybe interesting to the OP.


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