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Oct 5, 2007
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Anastasia III
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Krogen 42
There is a box at the end of each thread which lets you sort by newest first or oldest first. I prefer to read mine with the newest first, but to do this, you have to scroll down to the end and choose this. The trouble is that after you pick that, leave and come back, it goes back to oldest first. What good is that? By the time I scroll down to the end to re-sort, I've already seen all the new messages. Can you either make the change persistent, or put that box at the TOP of the thread? Thanks.
Keith, if you go into "your settings" I think you can change the way things are ordered.* Right now I am sure it is set on "forum default" which is what you are fighting.* You go into "your settings"(click on your own username and then you will see "settings" in the left margin) and you can arrange it how you want.

Good luck and lemme know if it doesn't work.

OK, that did it. I didn't realize I could customize how I viewed the board so much. Thanks!

For everybody else, be sure to visit your "settings" section... you can display the board all kinds of different ways, to suit yourself.
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