So is this how you do it???

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Oct 1, 2007
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This was in the Kemah, Tx Walmart parking lot early one morning.* I had to snap a photo(using a cellphone camera) because I thought it was interestint.* This is definitely one way to do it!!!!!


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Well, that is how we did it for years.* For the 25 years we pulled the 19 ft run about behind a motor home.*Then for 4 years we*pulled a 28 ft Reinell with*a motor home before we bought the Eagle, and that is how I plan on doing our cruising*when we retire.* *

The 28 ft was big enough to handle the local protect waters of the Puget Sound, San Juans and even desolation.* Being the boat travel down the high way at 55 mph and cruise at 20 to 25 on the water we could cover a lot of ground/distance.*

6 to 10 mph sucks big time, that why we have go fast run about and dinks.* We will probable ever go back to a permanent dirt dwelling.
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