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Apr 29, 2016
united states
Vessel Name
Wandering Star
Vessel Make
Hatteras 42 LRC
I knew our USCG vessel documentation was coming up for renewal but I never really gave it to much thought because the renewal notice never came in the mail. Last week, I checked the date and saw it was due to expire this month. I told my wife, Liz, since she's better at handling the paperwork side of things and has way more patience with that kind of stuff than I have. She got on the NVDC website and tried to renew it online. She couldn't find our boat in the database and gave the center a call. Liz said the lady at the center was very helpful and the the search had to be exactly as it was filled out on the document. Turns out she wan't putting my middle initial in the search since I'm listed as the managing owner. As soon as she did that, she was able to fill out the renewal using the online storefront.
Other than it being easier that the traditional renewal by mail, I received the new document in 4 days!
I highly recommend using this method. Finally, a government agency has simplified something! Miracles do exist.
Here's the link for anyone who has a renewal coming up.
I'm glad it worked so well for you. They found my problem. Filled in all the necessary/required information. Can't get it to to go anywhere. At the bottom of the page the only clickable link is EXIT. Guess I''ll have to contact them tomorrow. And just for giggles...does everyone remember the fake solicitation mail for documentation. I got one a couple of months ago. Wrote return to sender...they can pay for the privilege. Yesterday I got another one, along with the 'real' one for the government in my mailbox. I'm sending that one back to them also. Maybe I should just write 'dead' on the envelope and they'd take me off their mailing list :)
I had a great experience with the new USCG eStorefront too. Our boat’s documentation was up for renewal, and instead of dealing with mail, I tried the online system. At first, the site couldn’t find our boat because I didn’t include my middle initial. A quick call to the help center fixed that, and the lady was really helpful. Got the new document in just 4 days! It’s so much easier than the old mail-in method. Highly recommend!
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