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Nov 19, 2021
My family has owned an Islander 37 for over 25 years. She's letting us know that after 53 years on the San Francisco Bay, she's ready to retire. Since the speed of a sailboat appeals to us (we mainly use our boat to go up to the Delta) we're thinking of a trawler. I've always loved the Grand Banks but with the planet in shambles, I'm looking at the Greenline and was thrilled to see a forum threat started for this newer boat.

Looking forward to learning more and sharing our mutual love of the water!
Welcome ! I grew up sailing in RI, since I was like 10. Always had a boat. Now in the Chesapeake. Just sold my Tartan 3000 last fall. Moved to trawlers. Camano 31. No regrets. Go for it ! (Just ask my gf how much more she likes trawlers ! Lol )
Thank you much! Good to know you and your gf have no regrets! i'll check out the Camano.

As one going in the opposite direction (trawler to sailing) and with interest in clean energy for boats I'm interested in your journey and search for possibly an electric trawler like Greenline. I'm noticing a stronger trend in electric catamarans today but hopefully that will only be the beginning and monohull designed boat will catch up.

John T. N4050, N4061, N3522, H38E - Former Owners
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