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Nov 11, 2022
So I'm finally finishing the electrical and ready to start exterior projects. See the pic. The underside of the bridge is seriously separated. I want to do a repair, but with an eye towards the age of Phelps & me, not get nuts. What would you Guru's do ?


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Phelps and me??

In regard to the overhang, I'd look at it as something akin to soffit repair of a house. Cut that mess out of there and renew with some CPES-soaked plywood. As for the rest of that hot mess, I'd break out the sanders and take it all down to whatever layer of paint/gelcoat seems to be still adhering well. Then it's Awlgrip time. I painted every square inch of my GB waterline and above with it for a long-lasting coating.


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That’s not too tough to repair. I’d try to get it out in big enough pieces so you can use them for a template. It’s probably just 1/4 plywood of some sort.
Like Rich says, coat the new woodwith epoxy before putting it back together.
But I would not use Awlgrip rather Alexseal 2 part poly paint. Check out BoatWorks Today for videos on using it. They have an additive that allows no tipping just rolling the paint on and it comes out looking great.
I can’t tell if the hanging portion is a soffit or a delaminated core.
I’d cut a hole in it to investigate further.
It depends. If you are restoring the boat to original condition or maximizing resale value or you love projects, then remove and replace. If you want to enjoy this season on the water then slap a layer of fiberglass over it to keep water out.

Buy lots of sandpaper. Looks as though it has been painted by PO
Well, this is a cosmetic repair, not a restoration. My inclination is to shoot a bunch of glue into the separation and run screws up into the structure above and see if it sticks. Good thought on checking if is FG sandwich. Whatever I do, I ll adds drip-lip to it.

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