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Oct 11, 2007
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I used to not have to sign in every time I came on site. Lately, I have to sign on every time and that's not the hassle.The hassle is that old posts (2-6 days old) are posted as new! What's up with that? I use FireFox.
I honestly have no clue. Did you change the settings on your computer? I have been noticing similar issues and it is because WIndows has been doing a lot of updates lately and I think if your computer Auto-updates it will shutdown and restart. If it does do this, you will have to sign on again. Are you sure that you are checking the "remember me" box?
Your site "remembers me" and all I have to do is click "sign on." I still get old posts, listed as new. Not a lot of them, just 4 or 5 per sign on.
Check out the technical help forum. There are several posts that relate to that. One is about browsing history, another about cookies. It's happened to me. See the thread on "catch up / mark all read" and others that deal with your problem.
Thanks Keith!
After following Keith's suggestions, relative to Cookies, etc., When "Clearing Private Data" under the "Tools" pull down, I did not clear the "Cookies" and the problem went away! I had been checking the "Cookies" box when clearing the private data which resulted in the "reocurring posts on sign In" problem.

Thanks Keith!
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